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To read your ebook you will need our free special PDF reader for Android called "Javelin3". You only need to download and install it once, however many ebooks you purchase. Please make sure that you have your Authorization code or codes for the book(s) you have ordered and follow the steps below carefully. If you have any problems you can email us for assistance, as indicated at the foot of this web page. Thank you

KINDLE FIRE and CHROMEBOOKS users - please see separate note at the foot of this page

NOTE: PDF files displayed on phones are fixed format and zoomable but may be difficult to read - using tablet devices or desktops/laptops is recommended - unlike ePUB files the fonts are not scalable and features like font color and page backgrounds cannot be changed.

STEP 1: Use the Google Play AppStore facility on your tablet or phone to locate and install the free "Javelin3" PDF reader for your device. Open the app once installed. NOTE: when files are downloading in Javelin for Android the Android downloading icon is shown flashing in the top part of the screen (circled in red in the screenshot below and when it stops flashing the download is complete - you can swipe down from the top of the screen to view the download progress of catalogs and files


STEP 2: Touch the Javelin Catalog icon on the opening page and it will open to show a couple of files. Touch the REFRESH icon at the top right of this page (see screenshot below) and it will automatically download a number of further catalogs - touch the Javelin Catalog again when the download is finished (a couple of seconds) and it will show you a number of catalogs from different publishers - touch the publisher's catalog you require ("XXXXX" catalog) and it will download details of all their publications. This download may take a little longer - the little downloading arrow in the top left of your screen will flash on and off while it completes the download, and when it is finished you can touch the XXXXX catalog to see all their publications


If a download link rather than a catalog item is provided by the publisher, use the file explorer/file manager on your device to copy the downloaded file to you Javelin3/Documents folder, and then it will appear on the home page of Javelin3 when it is run. You may also be able to open the file from the downloads folder and/or you can use the Javelin3 downloader on the Javelin3 home page to download files with a URL that has a direct download link, i.e. files that end in .drmz

STEP 3: Touch the cover of the ebook you have ordered and it will download in the same manner as described in Step 2 and save the ebook automatically. To start with a small red dot is shown beside each ebook that has not yet been downloaded. When the download is complete this changes to a yellow dot. When the yellow dot is shown touch the item to open and authorize it. You can type the code for that specific ebook into the field and touch OK and then the code is checked over the internet. If the code is not correct for that ebook it will let you know, so it is important to check you are selecting the correct book and using the specific code for that book. The code entered should be 9 characters in length and will have no upper case letters - it is all in lower case and numbers. After authorizing the file is available to view without requiring authorization again. If you have a problem downloading, make sure you are using a good communications facility, such as local WiFi connection or reliable G4 link, otherwise the file may not download correctly. Please see the Getting Started Guide that is included on the Home page for more details on using the software

KINDLE FIRE and CHROMEBOOKS users: Although not officially supported for use with our software and services, because these are proprietary devices with non-standard operating systems, you may be able to use the Javelin3 reader for Android on these devices and then follow the steps above. Please see the web page: here for details on how to manually install the older version of Javelin3 for Android on your device. Note that Chromebooks running ChromeOS and not running Android are not supported, and old style Kindle devices (pre-dating Kindle Fire) are also not supported.

Notes: The authorization process relates the file to the computer and disk on which it is authorized. If you wish to move the file to another disk or use it on another computer or device you will need to repeat this process and re-use the authorization code provided (you may use this code NNN times in total).

If you have any technical questions or problems contact us for assistance - include details of the operating system you are using and the authorization code or document license file you were provided with. For content related issues please contact the publisher